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unixdev.net APT Package Repository

The unixdev.net Debian APT repository includes current versions of applicable unixdev software projects, OpenMotif for SPARC, Emacs 21 MOTIF, Audun Hove's CD player (ahcd), as well as various patched kernels and modules. Most packages are available for Linux on Intel and [Ultra]SPARC.

Mailing Lists
An archive of the debian-testing, debian-security-announce, and debian-news mailing lists is available here.
/etc/apt/sources.list Entries

HTTP Access

deb http://ftp.unixdev.net/pub/debian-udev unixdev main non-free
deb-src http://ftp.unixdev.net/pub/debian-udev unixdev main non-free

FTP Access

deb ftp://ftp.unixdev.net/pub/debian-udev unixdev main non-free
deb-src ftp://ftp.unixdev.net/pub/debian-udev unixdev main non-free
Available Packages
main ahcd 1.0.5-3 i386
main ahcd 1.0.5-3 sparc
main alsa-modules-2.4.31 1.0.8-7+10.00.Custom i386
main caudium-dev 1.4.3-1 i386
main caudium-modules 1.4.3-1 i386
main caudium-perl 1.4.3-1 i386
main caudium-pixsl 1.4.3-1 i386
main caudium-ultralog 1.4.3-1 i386
main caudium 1.4.3-1 i386
main cdfs-2.4.31 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main cdfs-2.6.10 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main cdfs- 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main cdfs- 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main cdfs-2.6.14-gentoo-r2 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main cdfs-2.6.8-2-sparc64 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom sparc
main cdfs-2.6.9 2.4.20+2.6.3-2+10.00.Custom i386
main ddt 1.5-3 i386
main dictionaries-common-dev 0.60.1 all
main dictionaries-common 0.60.1 all
main emacs-snapshot-bin-common 20051014-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-bin-common 20051014-1 powerpc
main emacs-snapshot-bin-common 20051014-1 sparc
main emacs-snapshot-bin-common 20060901-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-common 20051014-1 all
main emacs-snapshot-common 20060901-1 all
main emacs-snapshot-el 20051014-1 all
main emacs-snapshot-el 20060901-1 all
main emacs-snapshot-gtk 20051014-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-gtk 20051014-1 powerpc
main emacs-snapshot-gtk 20051014-1 sparc
main emacs-snapshot-gtk 20060901-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-motif 20051014-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-motif 20051014-1 powerpc
main emacs-snapshot-motif 20051014-1 sparc
main emacs-snapshot-motif 20060901-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-nox 20051014-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot-nox 20051014-1 powerpc
main emacs-snapshot-nox 20051014-1 sparc
main emacs-snapshot-nox 20060901-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot 20051014-1 i386
main emacs-snapshot 20051014-1 powerpc
main emacs-snapshot 20051014-1 sparc
main emacs-snapshot 20060901-1 i386
main emacs21-bin-common 21.4a-1 i386
main emacs21-bin-common 21.4a-1 sparc
main emacs21-common 21.4a-1 all
main emacs21-el 21.4a-1 all
main emacs21-nox 21.4a-1 i386
main emacs21-nox 21.4a-1 sparc
main emacs21 21.4a-1 i386
main emacs21 21.4a-1 sparc
main ecore 1.0.0 pre7-1.20040827
main edb-ed 1.0.5-1.20040827 i386
main edb-gtk-ed 1.0.5-1.20040827 i386
main edb-vt-ed 1.0.5-1.20040827 i386
main edb 1.0.5-1.20040827 i386
main edje 0.5.0-1.20040827 i386
main eet 0.9.9-1.20040827 i386
main embryo 0.9.0-1.20040827 i386
main entrance 0.9.0-1.20040827 i386
main esmart 0.9.0-1.20040827 i386
main evas 1.0.0 pre13-1.20040827
main freeguide 0.8.1-2 all
main gkrellmapcupsd 0.02 i386
main gkrellmapcupsd 0.02 sparc
main gtk-gnutella 0.95.4-1 i386
main gtk-gnutella 0.96.3-0 i386
main gtkdict 1.0c-2 all
main iptables-axis 1.0 all
main iris 0.80 i386
main iris 0.80 powerpc
main iris 0.80 sparc
main jmv 0.76-3 i386
main jmv 0.76-3 powerpc
main jmv 0.76-3 sparc
main jmv 0.76-4 amd64
main kernel-headers-2.4.26 123.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.4.26 123.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.4.31 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.6.10 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image- 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image- 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.6.14-gentoo-r2 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.6.5dac960-aic 123.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.6.7 10.00.Custom i386
main kernel-image-2.6.9 10.00.Custom i386
main ldapuseradd 0.9.2 amd64
main ldapuseradd 0.9.2 i386
main ldapuseradd 0.9.3 amd64
main ldapuseradd 0.9.3 i386
main libmeanwhile-dev 1.0.2-2 i386
main libmeanwhile1 1.0.2-2 i386
main lufs-module-2.6.10 0.9.7-6+10.00.Custom i386
main lufs-module-2.6.14-gentoo-r2 0.9.7-7+10.00.Custom i386
main mga-vid-2.6.9 1.55-0.1+10.00.Custom i386
main libmono-dev 1.0.2-1 i386
main libmono0 1.0.2-1 i386
main mono-jit 1.0.2-1 i386
main mxterm 129-1 amd64
main mxterm 129-2 i386
main mxterm 129-2 sparc
main mxterm 129 amd64
main nagios2-common 2.6-2+etch2 all
main nagios2-dbg 2.6-2+etch2 i386
main nagios2-doc 2.6-2+etch2 all
main nagios2 2.6-2+etch2 i386
main plex86-kernel-2.4.26 0.0.20030525-3 i386
main progress 1.10-2 i386
main progress 1.10-2 sparc
main progress 1.10-4 i386
main progress 1.10-4 powerpc
main progress 1.10-4 sparc
main sheepshaver 2.2-13 i386
main shfs-module-2.6.10 0.35-2+10.00.Custom i386
main shfs-module-2.6.14-gentoo-r2 0.35-4+10.00.Custom i386
main snd-dmotif-alsa 7.8-1 i386
main snd-dmotif-alsa 7.8-1 sparc
main snd-dmotif 7.8-1 i386
main snd-dmotif 7.8-1 sparc
main tidev-modules- 2.0.3+10.00.Custom i386
main tile 0.7.3 i386
main tile 0.7.3 sparc
main tile 0.7.4 amd64
main tile 0.7.4 i386
main tile 0.7.4 powerpc
main tile 0.7.4 sparc
main tzosdclock 1.0.2 amd64
main tzosdclock 1.0.2 i386
main tzosdclock 1.0.2 powerpc
main xplore 1.2a-2 i386
non-free aim 1.5.286-2 i386
non-free basiliskii 1.0-1.1 i386
non-free blackdown-j2sdk1.3 1.3.1 powerpc
non-free blackdown-j2sdk1.4 1.4.1+01 sparc
non-free libmotif-dev 2.2.3-1 i386
non-free libmotif-dev 2.2.3-1 sparc
non-free libmotif3 2.2.3-1 i386
non-free libmotif3 2.2.3-1 sparc
non-free motif-clients 2.2.3-1 i386
non-free motif-clients 2.2.3-1 sparc
non-free opera 7.54-20050131.5-shared-qt en
non-free sun-j2sdk1.5 1.5.0 i386
non-free sun-j2sdk1.5debian 0.14 all
non-free ymessenger 1.0.4 1